Assessment Centre

Austin Clarke Search & Selection offers a comprehensive choice of assessment tools which are aimed to empower your company to transform the performance of your teams and your individuals, ensuring a positive impact on your organisation.

With the aid of these recruitment industry proven assessment tools can we be certain that you have appointed the right person with the right skills to the specific job that you are recruiting for.

Job profiling
What are the key skills for your job? By defining the most desired requirements of your roles, you'll be in a powerful position to make positive decisions on which candidates match the role you're recruiting for. Once you have the right employees in the right roles, your organisation will have a higher level of job satisfaction. This means that you will avoid costly staff turnover and reduce the likelihood of recruitment mistakes.

Many of the pre-screening interviews are done by an initial in-depth telephone interview. If the candidates are successful in this part, we will carry out a one-to-one personal interview. We are able to find out more about what motivates the candidate and also about their aspirations.

Personal Profiling
Personal Profile Analysis provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting.
You will be given a profile detailing a candidate’s strengths and limitations. The profile gives information about their communication style and what motivates them, as well as how they behave when they are under pressure.

Aptitude and Ability
This test gives information of the mental capacity of the candidate. By understanding how rapidly your potential candidate can grasp and retain new skills and procedures, you will be able to predict their potential to learn and develop in their new role.