The Interview

Ten Golden Rules:

1. Check your outfit the night before
You should always look smart & presentable.
Remember, first impressions DO count.

2. Plan your route
Decide whether you will be using your own or public transport.
ALWAYS arrive on time!
Do not be tempted to cut your timings too fine.
Arriving flustered, sweaty or even stressed, is not the impression you want to create for your potential employer.
If possible, it’s always wise to do your journey before your actual interview day, even if it’s just for your own piece of mind!

3. Know the Company Background
By doing some simple company research shows your genuine interest in the company and position that you are applying for.
Impress your interviewer, by quoting pieces of relevant information.
If you were introduced to the company by a recruitment / employment business then ensure that you have been fully briefed about the company, job specification and opportunity.
Visit the company website, print off relevant information and highlight areas that you may wish to discuss during your interview.
Why not telephone the company and ask them to post you a company brochure / information.

4. Positive First Impression
Offer a firm handshake and introduction whilst looking your interviewer in the eye, giving the perception of openness and enthusiasm.

5. Take along a copy of your CV
Always take two copies of your CV to interview, just in case your interviewer doesn’t have theirs to hand. It shows that you are organised and prepared.

6. Non Verbal Communication (NVC)
Remember to keep good eye contact.
Stretch your listening skills at all times.
Facial expressions are important.
Nodding and smiling give a positive impression and shows understanding.

7. Ask Questions
Wait for the right opportunity and then ask about the job, training, career progression and personal development.
Clarify your understanding of the role and opportunity back to your interviewer. This ensures that you have listened and understood the position being discussed.

8. Promote yourself
This is very important
You would not be attending the interview if the employer was not interested in you.
Focus on your strengths, skills and experience.

9. Be part of the Team
Make sure you come across as a team player and demonstrate how you would work within a team environment.
Show your understanding of how important it is for any company to succeed. This is very important in the majority of roles.

10. Wish Yourself Good Luck!
Be positive.
Be confident.
Be enthusiastic.

But what if…
Unfortunately, no one ever gets offered every job that they have had an interview for; therefore should you be unsuccessful, then:
Brush yourself down
Believe in yourself
Say to yourself “Their Loss!!”……. and start again!

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