The Interview

On meeting the candidate for the first time they may be nervous, so remember, body language, eye contact, a firm hand shake and a warm welcome and smile will help settle any early nervous. Next, ask the candidate a couple of ice-breaker questions e.g. did you have a good journey or did you find us ok? This will allow them time to settle a little further and be prepared for the interview.

When conducting any meeting you should always work to an agenda, therefore an interview is no different. Explain briefly the format of the meeting, introduce yourself and give the candidate an overview of the company’s history, structure and of course, the position that they have applied for.

Ask the candidate to talk thorough their employment history explaining the reasons and circumstances for leaving previous positions. Always ask ‘open’ questions, beginning with who, what, where, when, why and how, as this will keep the conversation flowing and allow the candidate to expand on their answers.

When interviewing more than one candidate, always try to ask the candidates the same questions so that you can make accurate comparisons between each one.

(Questions at interview, see separate link).

As the meeting comes to close, ask the candidate if they have any final questions and enquire as to what their notice period maybe.
And finally, even though during the interview you may find the candidate to suitable for the role that you are recruiting for, we would strongly advise you to resist making any job offer at this time. By allowing yourself a little more time allows you the opportunity to reassess the suitability of all candidates.