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During all of our contacts Andrew has been professional, courteous, informative, honest and personable.

Unfortunately I have now been headhunted for a different role but from my first conversation with Andrew,to the
last one two months later he has been an outstanding ambassador for your organisation and for your client.

I always think it important to thank people so whilst apologising to Andrew for removing myself from Austin Clarke’s
recruitment process I did thank him but I wanted you to know what a great job he is doing.




Open Quotation Mark

After finding myself unemployed when my most recent contract reached its conclusion, I set out into the job market
looking for a new role that could offer longevity.  After dealing with many recruitment agencies during this search, I
was left feeling frustrated.  It often felt that these agencies were looking for the next easiest sale, rather than provide
a candidate who is right for the client and will grow with the company.  However after coming across Andrew and
Jackie and Austin Clarke Search & Selection my frustration was quelled and I was met with a grade of service I didn't
think existed in the employment market.  The role I had spoke to Austin Clarke about was actually one that was under
interview and had candidates selected for.  But the difference lay in the fact that many other companies I had met
under similar circumstances would operate under a better luck next time basis.  Jackie & Andrew however took the
time to talk to me in detail about my experiences, career ambitions, and what kind of person I was.  Even when the
client advised that they were prepared to make an offer to one of the interviewed candidates, Andrew felt that based on
our conversation it would benefit the client to meet myself.  Due to time constraints because I surfaced quite late on in
the process Andrew took time out of his own weekend to meet with me in my local area of Cheshire and also had me in
front of the client the day before this so not to miss the opportunity.  Following our meeting and my interview I was
then offered the position only days later. 

Austin Clarke and more specifically Jackie & Andrew provided me with an experience that made me feel that I wasn't
just another sale and it was always about the candidates needs as well as the clients. This was evidenced many times
by the unique way that Austin Clarke approached its search and selection process and the personal interest its staff had
in it being right for both parties.  Even at the speed that this process took place I always felt that I was well informed,
prepared for my interview and educated enough to know if the role was right for me.  I am very thankful to both
Andrew and Jackie who after many bad experiences with recruitment agencies, showed me that hunting for the right job
doesn't have to be demeaning or daunting, and the right assistance is out there.     

 T.Capper (Cheshire)